This driver was in a high speed chase in Dallas, trying to evade the police. He was racing at dangerous speeds through traffic, weaving through other vehicles, and charging through intersections with no regard for the safety of those around him. 

Finally, the driver was forced to stop when his car smashed into the backs of multiple cars stopped across all lanes at an intersection... in a school zone. But it didn't stop there! 

The driver tried to get out of his vehicle to flee on foot, but a woman who was driving one of the minivans he rammed got out and was NOT having it. 

Watch how things unfolded from there...

Go minivan mom!

According to, she was furious with the reckless driver because she had already lost one of her sons earlier that year. Her little boy was in the minivan with her, and he could have been seriously harmed.

Oh, and by the way - she reportedly got a new vehicle for free thanks to a local dealership.