K. Michelle had an interview with The Skorpion Show and she had a few things to say about her most recent breakup.

Lance Stephenson dated K. Michelle for most the summer and while it seemed like a promising relationship, the two broke it off about a month ago. K. Michelle didn't want to talk about the situation at first but she's ready to talk. 

"He’s [Lance] cool, he’s a sweetheart. It’s good, it’s whatever. When you mentally have other issues going on, (I’m talking about me) it’s very hard to get into a new relationship. I just feel like there was a big age gap in that situation and… I’m just a handful.

"I know I’m a lot. And to ask a 23-year-old to understand this job too…and being 23, trying to date somebody you never dated…an artist or things like that. Then you’re in the NBA and you want to sling d**k and be 23 and…I’m not having it. So, he needs to go be 23 and sling pe**s."