Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Throw Sneak Disses On Wax? [AUDIO] Remy Ma hit the studio right away pending her release from jail. The first song that received a remix from Remy Ma was DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More.” Instead of lacing it with one verse, Remy goes off for three full verses. Remy went HAM!

Peep a sample of what Remy was spittin’ which some speculate is an attack towards Nicki Minaj.

“When y’all was on the TV, I was with the PVs/I listened to your CD, damn you really wanna be me/Don’t care if your name buzzin’, you know who the queen be.” “These rap chicks try to stay away from me/Maybe cause I caught that case they afraid of me/Rem got that phlegm spit it crazily/And it’s a fact I’m everything that they portray to be.”

2nd Verse…

"Some say she nice but Reminisce nicer/I can feel the tension, please don't hype her/Tell her stay in her lane before I side swipe her/Droppin' that bird shit I'd hate to windshield wipe her."

Some also suspect that Nicki Minaj called out Remy on the “Flawless Remix.”

"Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me/Propofol/I know they hope I fall/But tell 'em winning is my motherf*ckin protocol/ Cause I score before I ever throw the ball These bitches washed up and aint no soap involved..."

What do you guys think?

Photo Credit: Getty Images