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Few things can stop a rumor mill in its tracks quite like a sit-down interview with Oprah.

At least, that’s the PR tip that John Legend and fiancée Chrissy Teigen are taking. The engaged couple is set to appear on Oprah’s Next Chapter this Sunday to discuss their upcoming wedding, life as a successful duo, his new album and, of course, those pesky rumors of infidelity.

Last month the supermodel waged social media war against The New York Post when the paper reported that John had cheated on her at a Manhattan night club. According to reports, John and a few friends were hanging out at the bar when a spy spotted him pulling a blonde woman to the bathroom.

Later that night, the woman in question was reportedly overheard telling friends about the “steamy make out session” she had with the R&B superstar. Once Chrissy read The Post’s story, she went off via her Twitter page. She wrote, “Just read John cheated on me and in the uber-credible Post. I’m just heartbroken as it’s definitely not the typical Post bullshit.” Ironically, earlier in her Twitter feed Chrissy wrote, “I honestly think so many of us would get along if you didn’t want to f*ck my fiance.”

Well now, Chrissy! Way to tell ‘em.

Since her Twitter smackdown, Chrissy and John have been mum on the subject, but reportedly the pair will address the rumors in their interview with Oprah which takes place in their Los Angeles home.

“The Post accused you of cheating,” Oprah said pointing to John, who simply offered a childlike grin.

Tune in to the interview on OWN this Sunday, June 9 at 9/8c.