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Restaurant chain Chipotle is denying that Frank Ocean attached a colorful message to his lawsuit settlement check. 

After Chipotle sued Frank for bailing on an ad campaign, the Odd Future singer took to Tumblr, posting a photo of a check featuring an off-color insult in the check's memo section. 

According to, the settlement check Frank actually sent to the company did not include his F-word fueled message.  In fact, a rep for the company called Frank's picture of the check a "nice stunt."  

Chipotle sued Frank Ocean for $212,500 for backing out of a commercial deal at the last minute.  Ocean agreed to record a track for an animated ad, but Ocean pulled the plug after finding out that the final version of the ad would include the Chipotle logo. 

Apparently, he believed that the ad campaign was intended to support responsible farming.  

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