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One tweet regarding the hyphen in Jay Z's name has sparked a full-fledged Internet controversy.  It all started with the word of "Billboard" editor Joe Levy, who wrote on Wednesday that label sources told him that the rapper had officially dropped the punctuation mark.  Pro and anti-hyphen advocates have since taken to social media voicing opinions on the matter.  But the rapper's publicist Jana Fleishman is now calling for a time-out, releasing a statement to "Complex" magazine, saying "Dude... we haven't used the hyphen since 2010." 

Further investigation proves that, indeed, the last time the rapper used the hyphen in his name was on the 2010 "Blueprint III" album cover.  His name does not appear on the cover of Watch The Throne and is crossed out on his latest Magna Carta Holy Grail.  The pattern follows on the iTunes pages for the albums as well. 

Longtime fans of the rapper will note that it's not the first time he's abandoned punctuation.  His name was originally spelled with an umlaut mark above the "y" in Jay. 

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