Anyone who's had the Pac discography conversation with me knows that Me Against the World was my favorite cd...which I actually had on tape...and I also drank copious amounts of cognac that year...damn those were good times...but I digress. Pac was able to pull from more than a few producers; Easy Mo Bee, Shock G, Tony Pizarro and others but the project had such a cohesive sound mainly due to the soul samples used throughout the cd. But my favorite? Temptations! The video was made all in good grown folks fun with Ice T as the hotel desk guy, and Coolio as the voyeur bell hop. Looking back, it's fun just to count the cameos...Salt N Pepa, Warren G, Shock G, a toe curled Bill Belamy, Jada Pinkett and even Mr. Hot Buttered Soul himself, Isaac Hayes..




Back in the day, we would run the tape back until we knew all the words to our favorite joints (yes I'm tellin' my age a bit, I give not a single damn). As a result I can still rap "If My Homies Call" from Pac's first project 2Pacalypse Now. Pac told the tale of growing up and taking a different path from childhood friends, but keeping their bond in tact, a subject he'd later revisit on "I ain't mad at cha"




2 Pac's next project Strictly for my *****Z started with the big in your face, 'Holla If You Hear Me', where you hear Pac's Black Panther pedigree assisted by Public Enemy samples. It was a call to attention to the police brutality prevelent in Cali, and Pac was never one to back down from telling it as he saw it, as well as respond to critics such as then Vice President Dan Quayle.




I think what I appreciated most about Pac, is that even after his passing, his videos were never 'throw aways' the visual always expanded on whatever story he was telling.