Dope cover, but it's really worth heading over to Complex to check out the gifs including in the upcoming cover story. Of course K Dot addresses the fallout after his 'Control' verse was released, as well as that now infamous 'I robbed you' text from Macklemore. However, when I read artist profiles, I'm really checkin' for the small details and their work habits, and Insanul Ahmed really paints the picture:

"After about 15 minutes in the lounge, he moves into the studio and connects his laptop to the speakers, playing Jay Rock’s verse over and over, flipping around tracks, and sipping from a bottle of water. Later he’ll chomp on an order of volcano salmon sushi. He tends to eat healthy—salads, baked chicken, lots of water. He plays basketball twice a week because, as Jay Z once said, rapping is “like an exercise.” And unlike many rappers—including his TDE labelmates ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul—he rarely drinks and doesn’t smoke or sip lean. All the homies know not to bother him when he’s busy in the lab. Sometimes he kicks everyone out of the studio so he can play instrumentals all night long, alone. He’s been known to cut off his phone for months at a time.....

In the booth, Kendrick is a case study in precision. He raps with his eyes closed and his hands out as if he’s casting a spell, rapping about “restricted territories” and “Percocet headaches.” On the first few takes, his voice sounds closer to his normal speaking voice than his agitated extraterrestrial rapping voice. He’s rhyming slower than usual, taking his time to enunciate each line. After about five takes, he steps out of the booth and returns to the pad and paper he left on the compressor. He edits the verse on paper, scratching out some lines and writing new ones. But when he goes back to the booth, he leaves the paper behind. "