Is Soul Food Good For You?


Mention "soul food" and you will hear scores of health and medical professionals claim that it is the downfall of the health and well-being of African Americans. It is true that African Americans have some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers of any group in this country. But frankly, I'm getting sick of soul food being held partially responsible for this.


The majority of people imagine the traditional soul food diet as unsophisticated and unhealthy fare comprised of high-calorie, low-nutrient dishes replete with, salt, sugar, and bad fats. Rather than vilifying traditional soul food, let's focus on the real culprit, what I like to call instant soul food.


5 Deadliest Soul Foods:




Mac and Cheese



Fried Chicken



Biscuits and gravy



Chitterlings, Hog Maws and Fried Pork



Sweet Tea, Kool Aid or Soda



5 Healthiest Soul Foods:





Sweet Potato






Black eye peas



Collard Greens


For healthy delicious Soul Food Recipes check out:

10 Tips to make your Soul Food Healthy:

·           When baking breads, substitute plain white flour with whole wheat flour

·           Heavy and whipping cream should be replace with evaporated skim milk or one part milk/cream 

·           If a recipe calls for whole milk instead use 1% or fat free milk

·           Get rid of regular cheese which should be replaced by low fat or part skim cheese

·           Instead of using the whole egg, substitute two egg whites for each egg called out in your recipe

·           Replace that fattening ham hock and fat back with smoked turkey

·           Canadian and turkey bacon make for great substitutes for fatty bacon and sausage

·           Canola and olive oils are good replacements for butter, lard and fatback

·           When cooking baked goods replace unhealthy cooking oils with applesauce

·           Instead of pouring on the salt use herbs and spices