7 Things you need to know before making your next smoothie!

The majority of fruits and veggies purchased at your local store contain some degree of pesticides.  Farmer and growers use these chemicals to enable them to produce near perfect fruits and veggies and get higher yields free fo insects, bacteria, mold and rodents.  However, these artificial chemicals pose health risks to humans, expecially young children.  Brain, stomach and hormonal problem are linked to these pesticides, and more studies are being conducted.

  1. Buy organic fruit and veggies when possible to avoid pesticide residue.
  2. Know which fruits and vegetables pose the highest risk.
  3. Thoroughly wash all fruits and veggies prior to eating them
  4. Soak and wash your produce with a produce wash to remove pesticides.
  5. Learn how to make your own produce wash.
  6. Peel the skin off fruits and veggies when possible
  7. Shop with local farmers markets or local farms

 For more tips on choosing and cleaning your fruits and veggies call the Free Dr. Fitness Helpline 888.607.5275