Are you Fat and Fit or Fat and Unfit? 

Does weight alone determine your health status, or can you live a long and healthy life even if you're carrying some extra pounds?  Recently Katie, a client called me angry, upset and discouraged. She had just returned from her yearly physical. Unfortunately she didn’t reach her weight-loss goal; we helped her make lifestyle changes to improve her health.  She had begun exercising consistently, and made important changes to her nutritional habits, we even encouraged her to begin meditation to reduce stress.


 The results of her annual physical proved her efforts had been paying off.  Her blood pressure was in the normal level for the first time in years, her blood sugars had dropped, and her cholesterol profile had greatly improved. However, once the exam was complete and she was sitting with her physician in his office, rather than commenting on her success, he said, "Katie, I was really hoping you would have dropped a lot more weight since our last visit.  If you don't get serious about taking off the extra pounds, your risk of early disease will continue.  Have you tried dieting?"


Fatness vs Fitness!  Can you be Fat and Fit? Tell me what you think?



Scientist and Doctors finally have some answers, I want to share 5 things you need to know to determine if you are "Fat and Fit or Fat and Unfit". But first I want to hear your thoughts.