Good Evening Dr. Fitness,  My name is  Joy I am 36 years young with 4 children & high blood pressure. My question for you is this: What kind of body cleanse can I use eliminate & detoxify my body? Thank you for taking the time to read my email. 


Good Evening Joy, What A Great Question!!!!  Nature Made A Great Cleanse That Will Detoxify Your Body. (Water And Vegetables )  These Are The Best Cleanses!  How Much Water And Servings Of Veggies Do You Eat Each Day?


I drink about 8-10 cups of water daily. I try to eat a salad everyday for lunch & I eat 2 vegetables for dinner. I did a 2 week weight  lost diet and it seem to help. I had a cup of hot water with a half of lemon every morning before I ate any thing. I had 3-4 cups of organic vegetable broth a day. 1 plain Greek yogurt, 6 ozs of chicken, fish, turkey for dinner, unlimited low glycemic vegetables.  I had a shake for breakfast. I lost almost 7 pds & my stomach went down a little.  I realized that my stomach was bloated. I felt good & I noticed a different in my stomach by the end of week one. I have continued with alot of the diet. I could not work out while on the diet which I was just getting my body use to doing every day.  Now I am slowly starting again. I know that was a mouthful!!


Congratulations on your success… you are off to a very good start.  Most people in the world are lactose sensitive. Only thing i would recommend is more water and Kimchi (fermented cabbage) instead of yogurt (if you are lactose sensitive). It will increase the friendly bacteria in your intestines to improve your nutrient absorbing capabilities. Other then that minor suggestion, Keep doing what you are doing… Stay right on track…. Reach out anytime, you feel your progress has slowed or stopped …It’s normal for your body to adapt…especially if you are not working out…. 


Have a great night….and congrats again! J 


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