Is your preferred drink making your belly fat? We've heard about sweet drinks increasing our waistline, but alcohol is fat free right?  Drinks can have a lot of calories and a lot of calories will make you fat!  Do you count your drink calories? If you probably don't drink anymore.  For those of you who still love to drink especially during holidays like birthdays, Easter, Cinco De Mayo! What is Cinco De Mayo celebrating anyway... :-) I'll save that for another blog!
To help you party animals still concerned about your waistline, I've put together a COUNTING CALORIES Cheat Sheet with THE BEST AND WORST DRINKS:  According to research in the American Journal of Clinincal Nutrition. Ladies  tend to consume 300 more calories than normal on nights when they drink. 300 Calories that the difference between being obese or not!   It is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that women only have one alcoholic beverage per day. But sometimes that limit is hard to stick to, so click here for a list of the best and worst alcoholic beverages in terms of calories.