"My child is fat", means different things to different parents. I received a call from a distressed parent about a child who was horribly overweight.  Understanding the horror of childhood obesity i went to meet with this family. This mom was distressed because a little boy in her daughter's dance class was not strong enough to lift her... When I met with her daughter I was shocked to discover she was actually at a healthy BMI and Body Fat %.

Determining if your child is unhealthy and obese is very important. Please seek a professional that uses criteria that is based on BMI or clinical growth charts.
If you have a child  that has been deemed to have a weight problem by an independent evaluation of  a medical or fitness professional.... I strongly recommend you decide if you are playing a role in the dangerous weight gain of your child.  There are a lot of things that contribute to your child's weight challenge.

Here are 5 questions to determine if you are at fault for your fat child.

1) Do you cook at least 5 dinners a week?
2) Do you have organized exercise arranged each day?
3) Do you limit TV and gaming time to 3 hours or less a day for you and your child?
4) Are you happy at your current weight?
5) Do you make sure you and you child get at least 7 hours of sleep each night?

If you answer "NO" to 3 or more of the above questions, you are at fault... but it's not to late to do things differently to prevent your overweight child from becoming an overweight adult.  Call the Dr. Fitness Helpline 888.607.5275 for more strategies to help you help your weight challenged child.