Did you know 50% of our children in Jacksonville, FL live in poverty?  Chances are you know a starving child right here in Duval. Obesity can be another way starving children appear.  Eating nutritious food is difficult when you don't have enough money,  living in poverty makes it more difficult to have access supermarkets or afford nutritious food. Did you know you can starve and suffer from obesity at the same time? Lack of nutrition is starvation in my opinion.  High calorie meals, high sugar have financially challenged families obese and still starving.

I believe there is a link between Duval county's increased high school drop out rate, poverty and obesity.  If you are interested in learning what you can do to make a difference, Join me at the 6 Annual Urban Education Symposium this Saturday February 1st at the Main Public Library 7:30am. For more information or to enroll: www.fscj.edu/calendar/calendar_home/event/11314/