in blankstare news: Brit Fails 911 101

in blankstare news: Brit Fails 911 101

A British man really did a number on a 911 dispatcher after making an extended phone call to ask for help in dialing a number that was giving him trouble.

The man, whose name was not released, rang the emergency number when he became confused about how to call 101 – the U.K. answer to our non-emergency 311 system. He stammered several times before asking the operator, who he kept referring to as "sweetheart" and "love," "What I'm after right, yeah, is the situation is ... you know the 101 number? Do you have to press [the area code] 0121?”

Even after she gave him instructions, he needed several prompts to get his fingers to do the walking in the proper direction. No charges were filed. (Daily Mirror)


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