in blankstare news: Naked Napper Popped for Pop

in blankstare news: Naked Napper Popped for Pop

A New Mexico man got popped on burglary charges when he was found sleeping stark naked in a stranger's house – after stealing a single can of soda.

The homeowner, whose name was not released, says that she was watching television with her husband and decided to go downstairs, where she found Freddie Shelby sleeping in her bed – with all of his clothing tossed on the floor nearby. She says she grabbed a knife and a rolling pin to protect herself and called 911 before waking Shelby – who says he removed a screen and climbed through, making himself at home.

The woman says that her wallet, complete with cash and credit cards, was right next to the bed, but after checking, she determined that the only thing Shelby took was a can of Sprite. She says, “I remember that when I saw him in the bed, I was freaked out but as soon as I saw his clothes, I felt disgusted. I Lysoled everything in there." (KRQE)


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