in blankstare news: The Butt of His Gun

in blankstare news: The Butt of His Gun

A Colorado man did his best to prove he was a crack shot – by trying to gun down the cops who'd just handcuffed him...with a pistol he'd hidden between his butt cheeks!

Isaac Vigil, who was in custody on drug charges, had been collared and cuffed while smoking meth in a McDonald's parking lot. It took several officers to subdue the "highly agitated" 32-year-old, who kept threatening to shoot them and kill himself. While the deputies say they searched Vigil three times, finding two bags of meth in his rear end, he still managed to pull an escape plan – and a .25 caliber weapon out of his butt.

Vigil managed to get off two shots, neither of which connected, before he was shot once by police. He was not badly hurt, and was charged with numerous felonies, including assault, menacing and drug and weapon possession. (WUSA)


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