OH, TECHNOLOGY: Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage

OH, TECHNOLOGY: Careers Ruined By Leaked Footage

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Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been under fire and may even lose his team due to his racist comments made on a recording by a man that's believed to be him.

But Sterling isn't the only celeb who's career took a turn for the worse thanks to leaked audio, video, or photographs. Here are some celebrities that probably should have been a bit more careful:

  • Mel Gibson -- His ex-wife released the audio of him saying all sorts of racist things, including suggesting she get gang-banged by a pack of N-words.
  • R. Kelly -- After alleged footage of him having sex with a teenager surfaced, Kell's career hasn't been the same and has been laying low ever since.
  • Lil Wayne and Birdman -- The picture of them leaning in for a kiss on the lips didn't ruin their careers, but the world will forever continue to wonder about their relationship.
  • Tiger Woods -- Ever since those texts and voicemails to his mistress got aired, Woods hasn't won a major tournament.

Source: Bossip

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • You never know who is recording what now a days.

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