T.I.: Peacemaker



You can thank T.I. for ending one of hip-hop's most simmering beefs. He says he was the catalyst behind Young Jeezy and Rick Ross's decision to bury the hatchet and collaborate on their new track "Wa Ready."

Tip tells MTV, "I simply said to one of my closest partners in the game, Young Jeezy, 'We done did as much as we can do with this. It's gone as far as we can take it, ain't nothing else to do.' T.I also says that he pointed out to Jeezy that beefing with Ross was bad for business. "War costs money." 

Ross was apparently an easier sell. The Miami rapper tells MTV that he was happy to do the track and that, despite their differences, his and Jeezy's chemistry in the studio is "undeniable."

"War Ready" will be featured on Ross's upcoming Mastermind.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

Money always trumps beef. 

They do have good chemistry. 

T.I should use the same logic when it comes to his marriage. 



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