Jacksonville Sharks Football 2022!

Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

GAME 1 - Sharks Halloween in April

Jacksonville Sharks Football is back, Help us kick off the season at our First Home Game Saturday, April 30th, kickoff is 7pm. Tickets start at just $12 as your Sharks face the defending NAL Champion Albany Empire .FREE Inflatable Thunder Sticks for the first 1,500 fans in attendance. It’s always a fun time in the Shark Tank and its Halloween in April game, so dress up in your favorite Halloween Costume and Enjoy some Spooky Characters from the 13th Floor haunting the Arena. To purchase tickets Call at 904-621-0700 they’ll find the best Seats Available for you! That’s 904-621-0700 Family affordable fun at a great price, so give them all a call and CATCH a Sharks Game.

GAME 2 - Sharks Wizarding World Night

Did we Mention the Sharks are back! Jacksonville Sharks Football. Lower bowl tickets start at $12! That’s a great deal for Non Stop Exciting Football Action! Saturday May 14 is Wizarding World Night That’s right, they're going to have FREE Wizard Wands for the first 1,000 kids in attendance and get this FREE Washable lighting bolt tattoos too! It’s going to be a great time if you have kids and even if you don’t. If you haven't been to a Sharks game yet this is the one to go to! To purchase Tickets Call the Sharks at 904-621-0700 that’s 904-621-0700 or visit jaxsharks.com

GAME 3 - Pirates & Princess Night

It’s time for some Friday Night Football. That’s right, games so exciting and fun we couldn’t wait for the weekend. Football is here all Summer long with the Jacksonville Sharks. The next game is against NAL newcomer the San Antonio Gunslingers, check it out Friday, June 3 at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Kick off is 7pm. AND it’s Pirates & Princess Night so dress up the kids AND mom & Dad you can dress up too! The Sharks will be giving away 1,000 Shark themed pirate bandannas to the first thousand fans in attendance. Get your Shark Tickets today, the best way to land great seats is to give the Sharks a call at 904-621-0700 they’ll hook you up. That’s 904-621-0700 Tickets start at just $12 so give them a call or visit jaxsharks.com to Catch A Sharks Game this Summer.

GAME 4 - Christmas in June

Hey it might be hot in Jacksonville right now but you know something that is cool? Christmas in June with the Jacksonville Sharks. It’s always in the 70 degree Veterans Memorial Arena so join the Sharks on Saturday, June 11th. To Celebrate, the Sharks are giving out FREE hats to the first 1,000 fans in attendance. The Sharks have tickets starting at only $12 so if you enjoy the holidays or just want to watch exciting football give the Sharks a call. They’ll hook you up with the best seats available. Call 904-621-0700 that’s 904-621-0700 or visit jaxsharks.com today. OH and by the way you may even see Santa! so it’s a win win, get Sharks Tickets for Saturday, June 11th.

GAME 5 - Superhero / Education Appreciation Night

Is it a bird? is it a plane?.. No.. it’s Superhero Night at the Shark Tank! The Jacksonville Sharks are giving away FREE Inflatable Thunder Sticks to the first 1,500 fans in the building. Join us as the Sharks take on the Orlando Predators on Friday Night June 24! Enjoy the rivalry game as your Sharks fight to secure a playoff spot. They have tickets going for $12.. That’s fast paced exciting football action for only $12. Get your Sharks tickets today by calling 904-621-0700 that’s 904-621-0700. It’s Education Appreciation Night so teachers & school employees get a buy one get one free ticket offer! Give the Sharks a call or visit jaxsharks.com for more information

GAME 6 - Star Wars Night

Star Wars night is back at the Shark Tank. That’s always a fun night to attend! Watch the Sharks Take on the Carolina Cobras Saturday July 9th. The Sharks will be giving away FREE lightsabers for the First 1,000 kids in attendance. They’ll have Star Wars Characters dressed up all night long. You may see Yoda, Chewbacca, or even Darth Vader! They have tickets starting at just $12 bucks. Family affordable fun, What a great idea for a family night out! Best Way to get tickets just Call 904-621-0700 that’s 904-621-0700 or visit jaxsharks.com

GAME 7 - Military Appreciation Night

We got another Shark game coming up. Yup Saturday, July 23rd and it’s Military Appreciation Night against the Carolina Cobras. They are giving away FREE custom made Sharks Military Night Rally Towels for the first thousand fans in attendance. They also have a Buy One Get One Free Offer for all Active Duty Military Members, Veterans or Retired Military. If you served or someone in your family has served, the Sharks want to offer you a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ticket offer to the game. Best way to get tickets is to give the Sharks a call 904-621-0700 THEY’LL HOOK YOU UP that’s 904-621-0700 or visit jaxsharks.com