Beauty Store Owners Fight Suspected Shoplifter

This beauty store is run by a small Asian couple. The man suspects that a female customer may be shoplifting. He asks her if she paid for her item. The interaction gets physical, and one of the employees states plainly, "I'm calling the police right now."

The fight only escalates from there. In their attempts to stop the woman from leaving and to retrieve the supposedly unpurchased item, the male shopkeeper continues to lay hands on the customer. They eventually wrestle to the ground, where he holds the girl in a head lock.

Finally, the girls witnessing this confrontation and filming it call for the shopkeeper to relent, and for the girl to relax and cooperate. Reluctantly, they both do so.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.



Reportedly, the woman was NOT stealing, and now the store owner is being charged with assault.


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