Woman Crashes Car into Gas Station, Threatens and Chases Men Filming

This woman made an unfortunate "mistake" when she crashed her car into the side of a gas station building. The video begins after the crash, with her vehicle rammed into the wall while she stands aside, presumably taking responsibility for her actions and waiting for authorities to show up and help settle the situation.

Two men, one of whom is holding the camera, laugh at the ordeal and generally seem to be putting her embarrassment on display for their own amusement. She doesn't seem to appreciate their actions. The woman begins to speak to them angrily, and soon starts chasing one of the men around the parking lot shouting things like, "You want to run? Come at me!"

WARNING: This video contains explicit language, rude gestures, and threats of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


It isn't okay to threaten to hurt or kill people, but we do feel for her. She was probably already feeling humiliated and stressed over her mistake, and having those bystanders laugh in her face probably just added insult to injury.

We hope everything got sorted out in the end.


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