Road Raging Woman Claims Driver "Ran Her Over"

While driving in a lightly congested traffic area that was obstructed by traffic cones, this UK driver encountered another vehicle - an Audi - which attempted to force its way into his lane. 

Because he had already permitted multiple vehicles to merge in front of him, and because the Audi's behavior seemed unnecessarily aggressive to him, he elected to proceed on the road rather than delaying his lane again to allow that Audi to merge in front of him.

The Audi still pushed forward and became increasingly aggressive, seeming to threaten an auto accident if the driver did not give way, even going so far as to take out several of the traffic cones rather than backing off.

Finally, the driver of the Audi parked and got out of her car, putting herself physically in front of the driver who had refused to let her merge. She quickly begins to accuse the driver of running over her foot, although any evidence suggesting that was actually the case is rather shaky.

WARNING: This video contains profane language.


The driver states that he doesn't believe he was ever actually on the Audi driver's foot.

The intensity (or lack thereof) of the woman's reaction perhaps suggests that his suspicions are correct. Consider this anecdote provided by a Reddit commenter:

"I have personally ran over my friend's foot.

It was not a, 'Hey! You're on my foot!' He was a screaming, 'GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF ILL F***ING KILL YOU GET OFF!' and then he hobbled for the rest of the day.

Her foot was fine."

However, other commenters offered conflicting anecdotes. Such as,

"Had foot run over it did not hurt much and I wasn't hobbling."

-- sfspaulding

Regardless, the whole situation shown in the video was a mess.


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