Girl Tries to Get Revenge on Boyfriend Who's Texting Another Girl, Fails Miserably

A young woman was unhappy with her boyfriend after she discovered that he had been receiving text messages from a different girl.

In her frustration, she decided that she should get revenge on him. Evidently, the method she chose to use in exacting her revenge was to "drown him in his sleep." 

Fortunately, it wasn't as severe as it sounded; she simply poured water in his ear while he was sleeping. Pranks like that generally don't result in serious injury or death.

But then when he said he had no idea what she was talking about...

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.


Yup. It was her own phone all along. Apparently both she and her man have the same gadget, and that makes it difficult for the two of them to tell their phones apart - except that they have different home and lock screens.

So, basically, she put him through a "revenge prank" for something he didn't even do.


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