Uber Driver Tells Passenger: "I Know Your Kind"

An Uber driver was chauffeuring this hipster-Adam-Savage-looking young man. 

Reportedly, the young man at some point rolled down his window. By his account, he rolled it down simply because the air freshener in her car was too strong and he wanted a breath of fresh air. 

However, the driver took issue. She said that she didn't like people touching her things and started to bring up racial identities while expanding upon her irritation.

WARNING: This video contains profane language. Viewer discretion is advised.


She proceeded to say a handful of eyebrow-raising things to her passenger. 

"But you are [an a******]. And you're white, and I'm black. It's one of them things, man. Wise up, it's one of them things."

"I ain't arguing with you. You know, I know your kind."

"I don't like you, man. I know your kind. Get on out of my car."

It's important to recognize that we don't actually get to see what happened before the camera started rolling, and it's not fair to make big assumptions about the characters of the two people in this video based on two minutes worth of footage taken during an awkward car ride.



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