Kids Hit Guy's Car with Baseball, He Asks for Repair Money, Kids Freak Out

A man was near some civilians playing little-league baseball when he saw one of the balls fly astray and hit his car, doing damage. The other adult present doesn't disagree, so it seems safe to assume that the man's claim in the video is accurate. 

Understandably, the man isn't pleased about the damage to his car. At the beginning of the video, he appears to have approached the civilians and requested that they cover the repair fees. One adult seems to be accompanying a few teenagers, but the adult is only offering $55 for the damage. The man explains that an insurance deductible is at least $150, and doesn't want to leave until he believes he will be fully compensated.

While this is going on, the teenagers present seem to be completely out of their minds with aggression. Just about every word that comes out of their mouths is delivered at a voice-cracking scream, sprinkled with profanity and slurs.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language


Throughout the video, the young baseball players were distinctly not shy about the fact that they were wielding baseball bats throughout this exchange. Furthermore, the adult accompanying them made multiple references to physical violence, saying "you know we could take you" and later implying that no one would find a body if the man were killed. 

It's probably fortunate that this situation didn't escalate any further than it did in the video.


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