13th Floor Haunted House

The world famous 13th Floor Haunted House is now in Jacksonville!

Scary should always be this fun!  Get your friends and get scared!

Located near Regency Square Mall

9230 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Open select nights from September 21st – October 31st with special Blackout Events on November 2nd and 3rd.

Tickets start at $19.99


Legends of the Saw

"The one that got away," is something never uttered when Jackson Sawyer's name is spoken. Legend has it that one day he just snapped and murdered his entire family with his chainsaw. Then he went after the entire town until they locked him in his cabin and set the whole building ablaze. His screams from inside that cabin were not of agony... but of joy. Some say they weren't even screams...but laughter. Decades have passed since the horrors of that night, and now Jackson Sawyer is only mentioned as a ghost story. But lately, some say they hear that sinister laugh right before the rip of a chainsaw. Animals have been reported missing, family members haven't made it home. No one will say it, but everyone is thinking it.....HE'S BACK!

Dead-End District 

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and you definitely won't get out alive! This is Dead-End District, a condemned cesspool of decay and filth. Few still inhabit this town, and those that do are hardly alive. Once the PL4-GU3 virus was released and spread faster than anyone anticipated. Within hours the town was ravaged. There is rumored to be a cure hidden somewhere in town if you're crazy enough to go looking for it. Just don't say you weren't warned. Sometimes what lurks in the shadows is far worse than what walks the streets.

Cursed: Voodoo 

Baron Crow has long awaited to return to this earth. With the feral moon passing, the blood sacrifice gave rise to the spell that will finally merge his powers with everyone in the cemetery. With his powers at their fullest, he plans to resurrect his long-lost love. Together they will make this world bow to their power!


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