10 Do’s and Don’ts for Managing your Corona Virus Stress

I know the world feels like it’s on the edge, with schools and most entertainment venues closed. We are inside an actual biological war. War comes with emotional trauma. The fear, anxiety, stress and panic you are feeling is legit! I’m telling everyone I speak with to embrace it and accept it. Only then, can you design a plan to keep you in your family safe. The emotions are an important survival system we have to actual save us when we are at risk like now from the Corona Virus.

The key is knowing what to do when you’re feeling those strong emotions. Hint: Hoarding toilet paper isn’t the answer.It may make you feel like you are doing something but it’s not going to make you and your family safer from the threat which is being exposed to the Corona Virus.

Please Don’t Do List:

  1. Don’t use alcohol to mask your feelings.
  2. Don’t use drugs to mask your feelings.
  3. Don’t use food to mask your anxiety.
  4. Don’t use sex to mask your anxiety
  5. Don’t hoard things to mask your anxiety.
  6. Don’t be controlling or obnoxious to mask your feelings.
  7. Don’t avoid your responsibilities to yourself and your health.
  8. Don’t go around other people if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms
  9. Don’t totally isolate yourself we need human connection even if it’s virtual.
  10. Don’t believe fake news on Social Media. (Vodka isn’t good for hand sanitizer, it’s only 40% alcohol it takes 60% to effectively kill most virus.

Please DO LIST:

  1. Washing your hands for at least 30 seconds frequently will reduce your risk 50%.
  2. Stay at least 6 feet from people when you are out conducting essential activities.
  3. Find a testing center and get tested for the Corona Virus antibodies
  4. Find mental health professionals that can provide virtual support.
  5. Find fitness professionals that can provide virtual support.
  6. Connect with friend that have similar interest as you and virtually connect.
  7. Stay well hydrated
  8. Get plenty of rest
  9. Get your information about the Corona Virus from the World Health Organization or the CDC
  10. Self quarantine or Social Distancing.

We are all in this together….please share my do and don’t list with your friends and family.Remember meditation, great nutrition, exercise and sleep are the key to managing your corona virus anxiety and over all stress. If you’d like my free in home fitness program let me know. 904.236.5858

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