Mindful May- 30 Day No Sugar Pledge

US quarantine, 100 dollar banknote with medical mask. The concept of epidemic and protection against coronavrius.

US quarantine, 100 dollar banknote with medical mask. The concept of epidemic and protection against coronavrius.

Welcome to Mindful May,

It's time to spring into shape! One way to do that is by joining our, “30 day No Sugar Pledge” beginning May 1st. It’s hard for me to believe it’s May, in one month the year will be half over. As a health and fitness professional, I could never imagine how dramatically my friends and colleagues would be impacted, by a shelter at home order in which also closed all gyms. The impact is emotional, physical and even financial. That being said, Covid-19 has killed several of my close family members. I believe if we didn't have the shut down even more families would have to grieve the loss of loved ones. I would be happy to continue to suffer during this lockdown, if I could help spare the lives of more of my fellow citizens.

How are you doing with your fitness goals? I know most of us didn’t make those goals knowing we would be facing a pandemic. As terrible as uncertainty is, we just don’t know when restrictions on gyms, fitness professionals, nutritionist, massage therapist and wellness coaches will be lifted.If they are not lifted don’t panic I have resources and professionals able to help. Even if restrictions are lifted, will it really be safe? Follow me all Mindful May for help navigating these questions.

Using your Mindful May mindset what should be next for you, when we enter Phase One of ending Quarantine? At this phase of the pandemic, communities should practice social distancing measures while ramping up their capacity for diagnostic testing, sharing test results, replenishing medical supplies, supplying hospital beds and tracing infected people's contacts.

To this end, the country could use blood tests to determine who has already caught COVID-19, recovered, and developed immunity to establish a so-called COVID-19 certification system. Once certified, people could then work since they are risk-free. Unfortunately the testing done to properly complete Phase one is not being done effectively. The federal government didn't take the lead on this issue leaving it to the states to work out the logistics. Which meals a slower less organized and unified testing rollout.

Many states are beginning to loosen restrictions for economic and political reasons. Not basing the decisions of the medical professionals or current phase 1 pandemic testing protocols. I would suggest you be mindful in the way you approach the loosening of these restrictions. Based on what you believe would you, go out into the world like the pandemic never happened or continue to adhere to all the precautions and restrictions?

(Hint) If you are a person of color with diabetes, high blood pressure, a body fat percent 35% or higher you are a greater risk of dying if you get Covid-19. Local medical experts suggest you stay in quarantine, social distance, wear masks and gloves when possible. The Medical professionals, I have consulted with believe until we have a cure, and you have any of these pre-existing risk factors I mentioned, continue to be cautious.

Being mindful of your health, could actually prevent you from dying from Covid-19. Being Mindful is a great way to stop yourself from procrastinating when it comes to being consistent with eating healthy, exercising and reducing our stress levels. People of color are dying from Covid-19 at dramatically higher levels, please let me help you to improve your health. If you are not consistent with healthy eating, and exercising, but you are ready for results difficult to achieve on your own, contact me for the support you need to get the results you want from the comfort of your own home and or neighborhood with my new online health and fitness app.Custom Meal Plan, Custom Exercise Plan, motivation and accountability coaching. You don’t have to struggle alone.

Text me anytime at 904.236.5858

“Dr. Fitness”

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