Your Job Could Be Giving You a NEW Company-Paid Holiday



Juneteenth, is short for June 19th. The year was 1865 and slaves in the United States were already free due to the Emancipation of Proclamation and 13th Amendment after the Civil War but Unfortunately didn't get the memo or message. It took a Union Soldier to deliver the message of Freedom almost two years later. It's easy to not know this story because History hides it from society.

African Americans though celebrate with pride every Juneteenth. Sort of a 2nd Independence Day.

A lot of change has been occurring due to the BLM Movement. Protests. Music. People are using their platforms and change is being made. MAJOR Companies like NIKE, TWITTER, LYFT, the NFL, and SOO MUCH MORE.

I truly believe it's possible that by the year 2021 Most companies will recognize Juneteenth as a Company-Paid Holiday. ✊🏾

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