Community Finds Missing Teddy Bear In Surprising Location

Teddy bear in the night park

Photo: Getty Images

A special missing teddy bear was found in a surprise location this week.

Goodwill Northern New England announced Tuesday (December 7) that the bear, which contains a bag of the ashes of its original owner's son, was found and returned in a post shared on its Facebook account.

"UPDATE! The bear was found!" the Goodwill Northern New England account wrote in an updated version of its original post. "Thank you all for getting the word out. Our customers and donors are the best people in the whole world."

Goodwill Northern New England said the former owner reached out to the organization about the missing bear, which was initially believed to have possibly been donated at its Windham, Maine store and potentially "made its way" to another store in Hooksett, New Hampshire, though Goodwill clarified that it was "not 100% sure that this bear was donated to Goodwill," which it later confirmed was not the case.

"It actually never was donated to Goodwill," the nonprofit organization said in response to a follower asking how it got donated in the first place. "But thanks to all of you who shared this post, it got reunited with its owner anyway!"

The brown teddy bear was shown in a photo shared by Goodwill wearing a brown sweater.

Goodwill Northern New England later wrote that the family was also looking for a sentimental box and quilt that was also believed to have possibly been donated at its Windham, Maine, store.

"All our employees are on the look out for these items," Goodwill Northern New England wrote in a separate Facebook post. "We're sharing this photo with the family's permission in hopes to find these items too."

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