DJ Envy Responds To Gunplay & His Wife Over GoFundMe Comments

DJ Envy & Gunplay

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DJ Envy has formally responded to rapper Gunplay and his wife after he mentioned their GoFundMe page in his rant about Rick Ross.

On Tuesday morning, May 30, The Breakfast Club host discussed a phone call he had with the Miami rapper over the weekend, in which they went back-and-forth about a comment Envy made about Gunplay's GoFundMe for their ailing daughter. Don Logan and his wife Vonshae shared a video recording of their phone call with Envy, who apologized for offending his family. Envy reiterated that he didn't specifically mention Gunplay's wife or daughter in the rant, but nonetheless he made another public apology to the couple.

"When Gunplay called me," Envy explained, "because he's a friend to the room and he was upset at first, you can tell he was upset at first, I'm like 'he's a friend' so like speaking to any friend who's upset, so I let him go. I let him vent and afterwards we had a discussion and said 'If your wife was offended, that wasn't my intent and I apologize.'"

While firing back at Rick Ross amid their car show beef, Envy suggested Rozay should donate funds to a GoFundMe page that Gunplay and his wife set up to assist with medical bills for their newborn baby. Their child suffered from a heart defect and had to get open heart surgery at just three days old. Following Envy's viral clapback at Ross, Gunplay and his wife said they waited for a public apology from the DJ but never got one because he was out of town. That's when they posted the video of the phone call.

"I knew @djenvy would renig on his word to apologize publicly and I knew I would have to do it for him I waited and waited he had all the opportunities and didn’t do it so I did it for him," Gunplay wrote in his caption.

DJ Envy also said that he didn't know that the couple was going post a clip of their 10-minute phone call on social media. Since then, the DJ said he's gotten calls from attorneys who say that act is illegal in the state.

You can still donate now to help Gunplay's family meet their goal. Watch Envy's full response below.

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