The BET Hip-Hop Awards 2017 Showdown

There has been a long running debate about who’s a "better rapper", Kendrick Lamar or J.Cole. Although we may never witness an actual rap battle between the two (hopefully we will), we’ll at least get a match up at this years BET Hip-Hop Awards. 

J.Cole and Kendrick are nominated for three categories together including:

  1. Hot Ticket Performer

  2. Lyricist of the Year

  3. Album of The Year =  4 Your Eyez Only and DAMN. 

In addition to those categories Kendrick Lamar is also nominated for: 

  1. Best Hip-Hop Video = Humble

  2. MVP of the Year

  3. Single of the Year = Humble

  4. Hustler of the Year

  5. Impact Track = Humble

  6. Impact Track = DNA

If we were choosing best rapper based on number of nominations, Kendrick would easily win 9 to 3. But there’s more to being best rapper than that. Who knows, maybe neither of them will win. Jay-Z, Drake and Chance the Rapper are nominated for Lyricist of the Year as well. 

Tune in to the BET Hip Hop Awards 2017 on October 10, 2017 at 8PM ET/PT to see how the battle plays out and who really is the best rapper. 

Click Here to see Full List of Nominees:

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Just Jordyn

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