Chamillionaire responds to Jorge Garcia critics

Continously making moves in silence, rapper Chamillionaire has been assisting the family of an immigrant man who was unjustly deported, however some people don't seem to agree with his actions. 

Jorge Garcia was recently deported back to Mexico after having lived in the United States for thirty years with no criminal record. He's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking help to become a legalized citizen, but nothing seems to have worked in his favor. 

Chamillionaire took it upon himself to reach out to the family of Garcia, but most of his criticism revolved around the rapper "not helping his own." Although he wanted to do so in private, a reporter that he reached out to about contacting the family, leaked the emails to the media. 

So, he took to instagram to drop some knowledge, letting us all know that his most popular record Ridin' Dirty, was in fact produced by Hispanics. They helped boost his song when it was most needed. He also reminded us that he is the son of immigrants, so there should be no questioning of his desire to help. 

Check out Part 1 and 2 of his response below. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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