More problems for Jesse Williams & estranged wife.

According to TMZ, Aryn Drake-Lee claims that the Greys Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, has breached their custody agreement by introducing their two children to the new lady in his life. The new couple has allegedly taken the kids on trips, and they may even be calling his new bae "Mama C". 

If that wasn't enough, Drake-Lee claims that Williams made her look bad by taking cupcakes to their daughters school for her birthday, which allegedly caused the child to become upset with her for "not attending her birthday party" at the school. 

According to Drake-Lee, this is a violation of their custody agreement because it states that each of them is to wait 6 months before introducing the children to either of their significant others. 

Jesse Williams and estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee

But with all that being said, a source close to the former couple claims that Drake-Lee lies because she's still obsessed with seeing Williams. 

Drake-Lee is hoping the judge will encourage a more rigid structure to their custody agreement to prevent the cupcake beef from ever happening again. 

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