Trump Delivers First State of The Union Address

During his 1hr and 20 minute State Of The Union Address, a lot of topics were discussed by Trump. But because it was so long, and you were probably doing something more important, I'm just going to hit some of the key points for you and some things I noticed during the speech.

  1.  A lot of clapping happened. He had a lot of guests attend for various reasons, either they had faced some sort of tragedy or they were being considered as a hero for something they had done. EVERYONE got a standing ovation. The majority of the 2 hour speech was a lot of standing and clapping.  Trump kept clapping in the I know they audio guy was angry. 
  2.  BLACK PEOPLE WERE NOT HERE FOR IT (with the exception of Ben Carson). They didn't stand when he entered the room, they only stood and clapped when he was referring to story about his guests, but never in general for him. One lady I assume was either texting or playing a game on her phone. When shown in groups, everyones face was un interested. ESPECIALLY when Trump started feeling himself on the unemployment rates. 
President Trump's Joint Address to Congress

Here are a few of the points Trump discussed early into his speech (based on my interpretation): 

  • A decrease in the price of prescription drugs. 
    • Resolution for opioid epidemic and severe punishment for those "pushing" drugs on the streets. 
  • Gang crack down, such as MS-13. 
    • Mention families of two girls that were killed walking home from school by members of a gang who were in America illegally and attending their high school 
  • Working class citizens will be able to take more wages home under new tax regulations. 
  • Terrorists that are tracked down and captured will be sent to Guantanamo Bay if not killed.
    • He did sign an order to keep the prison open with currently only 41 people still detained at the moment. 
    • Military will not be on time restraints, the enemy will NOT know what their plans are. (Reference to leaked information.)
  • Hopes that congress will pass bill so that America will only help countries that we are "friends" with and not enemies. 
  • Shockingly, he didn't mock Kim Jong Un when talking about the torture that one man and his family faced in North Korea. 

This was one of the longest speeches in history. He attempted to make us empathize with his typically controversial views by using the families and guests to tell stories which he seemed to use as justification for his views. 

To see more updates and analysis of the speech, click the link below. 

Trump's State Of The Union Address 2018 Live Analysis by Wall Street Journal.

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