LOCAL: Church Thief Charged With 9 Burglaries

Do you know how much of a low life you have to be for robbing a church to every cross your mind? 

Apparently, Jacksonville resident Delonta Burrell, 25, is living his life just that low. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, at approximately 5am last Tuesday, Burrell broke into a church located on Old St. Augustine Road. JSO's police report from the incident states that the burglar smashed a window, damaged a door, stole $400 out of a safe, as well as took additional money from a cash register located inside the church. 

8 other businesses are alleged to have been burglarized by Burrell starting December 17th, leading up to his most recent activity. He has also been charged with driving on a suspended license and possession of marijuana.


To find out more on this story, and see the list of other businesses burglarized, check out the full article written by our partners at Channel 4 News. 

News4Jax story on Catholic Church Burglar

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