Kylie's Over Snapchat,Causes Company to Lose Money

I can't say that I usually care about what she has to say, but this time, she was actually right. 

If you read between the lines, Kylie said what we were all thinking (if you have the app), and that's that the new Snapchat update is trash. So trash that many people (including myself) have contemplated not using the app at all. 


Now, I'm sure it probably wasn't her intent, but that simple tweet has cost the company a ton of money. 1.3 Billion to be exact. Shares have sunk by as much as 7.2%, making the company worth a whole lot less than it was before. 

She didn't exactly call it trash, but I mean it is kind of sad that none of us want to use the once beloved app anymore. I guess she heard about the drop in value, and then tweeted this. 


It doesn't make it better, but I guess it's the thought that actually counts. 

I hope this is the kick in the butt that snapchat needs to go back to the previous format. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

From movies to music to festivals, Just Jordyn reviews and covers all pop culture topics for her show #LetMeTellYou.


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