What you need to know about Broccoli City Festival

So, the homie Dj WizKidd told me about this dope festival called Broccoli City, so you know I had to pull up and experience it! When I arrived at RFK stadium, you could see the giant ferris wheel and two stages set up in one of the parking lots. At first I didn't know what to expect, but it was definitely surprising. 

When I got there, Rich The Kid was on stage performing his hit song Plug Walk which got the crowd hella hype.Just so you know here's what the line up for the show was here you go. 

Broccoli City Festival 2018 Line Up

I walked around for a bit, maneuvered my way through the sea of people to the other stage so I could take in all the action. I had never heard of Grits and Biscuits before, but I'm definitely a fan now! They're a southern DJ group that plays all the songs we love in Florida.


The show was pretty much on schedule everyone came out on time except for Cardi B but that didn't matter because I WAS IN THE SAME PLACE AS HER. FOR HER LAST PERFORMANCE BEFORE SHE HAS THAT BABY!!! And The crowd was hype af for it.

Out of this line up, I had already seen H.E.R, Miguel and Migos in concert before so I knew what to expect from them. I was super surprised that Daniel Caesar and H.E.R BOTH performed Best Part, but separately. Next time they're in the same location I'd love to see them perform it togeter. 

Downside: I stood in line for food for almost two hours because of no line structure and people skipping, but I immediately got out of the line when I heard that "OKURRRRRR"


Outside of the super long food lines, not having a signal (because so many people were there) and the slight drizzle, it was a great event. This year they had an Avengers booth which was dope, the ferris wheel, Toyota had a full set up as well as several other vendors including DTLR. I think I brought a could t-shirts, a koozie and a towel back from the festival lol.  

If you go next year, I definitely recommend eating before you get there, getting in the ID checking line (for alcohol) as soon as you get there and making sure you participate in all the activities they have. Also, take an Uber or Lyft to the event to save on the struggle of parking but keep in mind that when it's time to go, you may need to walk a couple blocks away from the stadium to get a good signal to call for a ride back home or to your hotel. 

I'll be position more videos so be on the look out and follow me on Instagram (that's my page!).

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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