Remember when Kash Doll & Cardi B had beef?

This week in things we forgot about: Last years beef with Kash Doll and Cardi B. 

If you don't remember what exactly happened, I'll break it down for you. In October of 2017, Cardi B was awarded the Spirit of Detroit award. This struck a nerve with Kash Doll (whom is actually from Detroit) because, why would the city give Cardi B (from the Bronx) an award of such importance to someone that isn't even from the area. 

After Detroit natives questioned the the recipient of the award, Kash Doll took to Twitter to let us know she already received a Spirit Award! But of course, Twitter loves drama, so shortly after the rumors of beef began. 


As always, the beef died out when neither artist fed into it, however after the release of Kash Doll's remix to She Bad by Cardi B & YG, the rumors have returned. But Kash is shutting it down! Kash claims YG wanted her to be on the track first, but nothing ever came of it. She claims the next time she heard about the record was when it released on Cardi B's debut album Invasion of Privacy. 

Kash took to IG Live and Instagram to clear the situation up. 


After the release of the unofficial remix, Twitter definitely had some mixed opinions. 


Either way, I hope the issue is resolved soon. I personally like the Cardi B version but I definitely would have been alright with hearing BOTH of them on the track with YG. you take a listen to Kash Doll's remix to She Bad and tell me what you think! 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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