ABC Cancels 'Roseanne' After Racist Twitter Rant

Most recently, the 90s show Roseanne came back on ABC as a reboot, but now the show has been cancelled due to the leading characters racist comments. 

On Monday, Roseanne Barr took to twitter to voice her unwanted opinion as usual. It's not new for Roseanne to share her dislike for President Obama, which was even a part of her role on the show as a Trump supporter; but this time she made a racist comment about former adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an African-American woman that worked during Obama's administration. 

Deleted tweet by Roseanne Barr in regards to Valerie Jarrett, former top adviser to President Barack Obama.

Now, immediately reading the comment, you can see where she f***ed up at. Because of the ignorant comment and backlash, ABC has now cancelled the show. Earlier today (after the tweets) Wanda Sykes announced she would not be returning to the show as a consulting producer. Probably because of the comments made by Barr. 

Shortly after Roseanne's tweet, she came back to apologize and say that she's leaving Twitter. 


Personally, I don't think she apologized because she wanted to. I'm assuming someone close to her or from the network saw it and TOLD her to do it. But that didn't really matter because the damage has already been done. 

It wasn't a joke that was "in bad taste," it was an ignorant comment made by a woman who is obviously unaware of the fact that words have consequences, regardless of how "funny" you may think it is. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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