According to a source for TMZ, Michelle Williams (of Destiny's Child) has checked her self into a mental health facility, just outside of Los Angeles. It is reported that the 37-year-old gospel singer is seeking help for depression. Unfortunately, depression isn't something new to Michelle, as she dealt with it during her career in one of the worlds greatest girl groups of all time. She even admitted to contemplating suicide at one point. 

Michelle took to instagram to discuss her mental health battle.


Beyonce's mother, Ms. Tina, saw the post and offered Michelle some words of encouragement reading:

"Michelle My Belle, I'm soo proud of you! You have given unselfishly of your time and support to so many and I know that you will be the best example of self-care which we all need. Keep being a warrior and an advocate. I love and support you with all my being."

We send our thoughts, love and prayers to not only Michelle, but all that are struggling with depression. Know that you are loved and don't be afraid to seek help when you're ready. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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