Wendy Williams Show and CBS Television Being Sued

In February of this year, comedienne Sherri Shepherd took to the internet to talk about being racially profiled while shopping in a Staples store in Los Angeles, California. After the video went viral and received coverage by the Wendy Williams Show and other outlets, the cashier involved, Janice Reyes, was fired 5 days later by the office supply chain. 

Now TMZ is reporting that Reyes is suing the Wendy Williams Show and CBS Television for airing the video on Inside Edition, and suing Shepherd in a separate complaint, all for loss of wages and other damages.

In the video (which we have obtained from TMZ's site), Shepherd said that she and a friend went to the store to purchase supplies for a seminar, when her friend needed to use the restroom. The cashier told them the restrooms were broken and they would need to go to another store, but when they happened to ask another employee, they were able to use the restrooms. After speaking with a manager, things got heated as the cashier began swearing at Shepherd and her friend. 


Although Shepherd never mentioned any racial slurs being used, she did accuse Reyes of racial profiling, which is what Reyes thinks she was really fired for, even though management told her it was because of the use of profanity according to TMZ. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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