Gross Alert: Kid puts laxatives in school lemonade, everyone has a blow out

We all knew that one kid that was kind of a jerk in high school, always pranking people, but this kid really took the cake. 

What did he do? He put laxatives--that's right, LAXATIVES-- in the school's LEMONADE that was being served at lunch. The video below contains the aftermath of the evil prank. 

Warning, it's gross, but also hilarious.


What were the consequences of this prank?? Well, you'll have to watch season 2 of American Vandal on Netflix to find out! Lol yeah, this isn't a real prank. It's for a Netflix Original series that's basically about finding out who did a massive prank each season. The first season was about a high school student drawing male genitals on teachers cars in the school parking lot. 

Watch the official trailer for the series below. 

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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