Ella Mai faces backlash after Jacquees' version of Trip gets removed

Who knew a remix/cover would cause so much drama? 

Recently singer Jacquees release a "Quemix" to Ella Mai's hit song, Trip, on Soundcloud. But when listeners went to search for the song again, it was nowhere to be found. Why? Because according to twitter, Ella Mai and her team allegedly made him delete it from soundcloud after his remix started doing better numbers than the original track. 

Now, obviously there's no actual proof saying that she made him delete it or if it was the label, but Jacquees wasn't happy when he tweeted sad emojis after SA Breaking News spilled the tea about why the song was missing. 


Fans were so disappointed that they tried uploading it to other sites such as Spinrilla, but those were removed also! But, they also began to question why other artists who had done remixes of her songs like T-Pain's remix of Boo'd up weren't removed, and T-Pain said that's why he doesn't put the mixes on Spotify, Tidal or Apple Music, before claiming that Jacquees was trying to make money off the remix.

But Jacquees quickly came to shut that down. 


Honestly the remix came and went so fast I didn't even here it. But I hope this doesn't prevent other artists from wanting to release remixes of their favorite songs. That's what makes music fun. 

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