Artist Spotlight: Lyriq Tye of Rockstarr Music Group

I'm back with another artist you need to know! If you can't tell by now, I'm a fan of Rockstarr Music Group

With an alternative R&B style, Miami-native Lyriq Tye is bringing a new sound to the game. Lyriq took interest in music at the age of nine, and soon began singing, performing, recording and writing her own music by the age of 14. Over time she developed a raw and soulful sound similar to that of Erykah Badu or Lauryn Hill. 

Lyriq Tye courtesy of Rockstarr Music Group

In March of 2011 her work was featured on Trina's EP called Diamonds Are Forever. Specifically a record called Can I featuring Mya. After the success of the record, Lyriq released her first solo mixtape named "FROM THE PEN TO MY PEN" which allowed her to fully showcase her writing skills and vocal ability. In addition to working with Trina and Mya, she went on to work with K.Michelle, Brianna Perry and music producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. 

Lyriq Tye performing, courtesy of Rockstarr Music Group

Unfortunately she got into a bit of trouble and was sentenced to six years in prison. But that stopped nothing as she continued to write music and work on her craft which you can tell in her music now.  A year ago she released one of my favorite tracks by her called Mind Your Damn Business, which is something more people should probably start doing. 


Now she's back and preparing to release her first mainstream project called Hood Sermon under Rockstarr Music Group. The first single from the EP is called Hide, which can be heard in the IG video below. If you aren't one of these 2000's babies that doesn't know R&B then you can tell she is inspired by amazing music based off that track.


No release date has been set for the project but I can't wait to hear it! Be sure to follow Lyriq Tye on social media: @lovelyriqtye as well as Rockstarr Music Group: @rockstarrmusicgroup1 

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