Artist Spotlight: Tafia

Listen, it's no secret that Miami breeds some of the hottest talent in the music industry from rappers to singers to producers, Miami has it all. This artist spotlight is focusing on the rap artist Tafia.

If you've heard the name before it's probably because you remember his 2017 interview with Say Cheese saying that he would "Slap the sh*t out of Soulja Boy." That was only three years into his career and he was letting his presence be known. His career in the industry began in 2014 after being released from a seven year bid in federal prison for armed robbery. Long story short, he and some others hit a lick, someone got greedy and tried to do at again but ended up getting caught by the feds and telling on himself + everyone involved.


After his release, Tafia, an unsigned artist, took control of his brand and built his online status, gaining the support of Miami to push him along. In the early stages of this new career, he went back to the streets to support his passion and fund all of his projects. He says that anyone that WANTS to make it will work to get to where they need to be and to provide for their family.

In his interview with Say Cheese, he mentions that a lot of Miami artists are stuck in the past and still rapping like it's 2006. But he prides him self on the ability to have multiple flows and being able to switch it up depending on the beat, which is evident on all his work. He worked relentlessly and released not one, not two, but SIX complete projects between 2017 and 2018, earning him the respect of several artists in the game. "Love Me While I'm Alive," his latest project, featured Sam Sneak of MMG, Steve O and Kidd Marv, shining a light on raw Miami talent and the new wave of music to come through the city.


It's clear from watching his interviews and hearing him talk about his past that he is determined to become successful and not let anyone stop him from it. While he's still somewhat an underground artist, you can expect his hit single "Let Me Love You" ft. Sam Sneak as the song that takes him mainstream this spring. Go ahead and add it to your playlists and let it take your summer love to the next level! I look forward to seeing where his career goes and I'll keep you all updated on his future projects and endeavors.

You can keep up with Tafia on social media at @tafia_official

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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