Sephora to close its doors for inclusion training after SZA Incident

Sephora recently announced that it will close over 400 U.S. Stores the morning of June 5th for employees to attend inclusion workshops.

This comes after a claim made by R&B singer SZA on May 1st that she was racially profiled while shopping at a store Sephora located in Calabasas just outside of Los Angeles the day before. SZA was allegedly in the store to purchase Fenty Beauty products when a woman now named "Sandy Sephora," called security to make sure she wasn't stealing.

According to NBC News, Sephora said it "believes in championing all beauty," "building a community where diversity is expected" and "all are welcomed." The initiative is part of the retailer’s new brand platform and tagline, “We Belong to Something Beautiful.”


In May of 2018, Starbucks closed 8,000 stores for an afternoon training after a manager in one of it's Philadelphia stores called police on two black men after they asked to use the restroom. The employee did not allow them to use the restroom because they had not purchased anything according to police.

Sephora will also include workers in its distribution centers and corporate office.

Just Jordyn

Just Jordyn

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