IG Museums, the Problem with Clubhouse... PODCAST

The past two weeks for me, while still working, were a bit of a release because my nephews visited while they were on break from college. They're football players ,so of course, they just wanted to eat - but they're 19, so I found some dope places for pictures to take them to.

And because I was still working, I still participated in chatrooms on Clubhouse, as asked by my peers. While it gets repetitive being pinged into the SAME rooms, with the SAME people, asking the SAME questions are arguing about the SAME things - I learned that some people were profiting from recording conversations on Clubhouse with celebrities - and putting it on their YouTube pages to monetize.

I offer my two cents on why you're hurting yourself, based on your future aspirations in life if you choose to do so - and not to mention that the app even says they will ban you and the person who nominated you if they find you are doing so.

But here's my 2020 wrap up and hello to 2021 on Ashlee Off-Air.